Aqua-Dock – Commercial Use and Benefits

Whether to increase your capacity, range of services or to create a whole new area, Aqua-dock modular systems will quickly maximize your space and provide a low maintenance, profitable solution. Designing and manufacturing all our products ensures that our quality control is second to none and that our products will withstand everything which commercial ventures require of them, even in the harshest of conditions. Being low maintenance and having easily replaceable sections, the Aqua-dock system maximizes your profit whilst reducing your costs enabling you to service any of your customers’ varied needs in a short time. We can design to your specification whilst keeping a close eye on your budgets. Aqua-dock works in partnership with all our clients to increase their services by cutting edge design, long-term usability and added value. We offer simple installation and accessibility, superior safety strength and durability, low cost/minimal maintenance, outstanding performance in all water conditions and most of all, long term support within your budget.

Aqua-Dock in the Military Sector

Aqua-docks’ modular, durable and lightweight construction provides a long-lasting, cost effective solution for platforms or pontoons in the harshest of environments. Easily assembled with basic tools, the Aqua-dock pontoon system can be constructed in virtually limitless ways for the most demanding projects with limited facilities in restricted access locations and being modular, replacement of single items or redesigns are expedited in short time. Cargo can be efficiently offloaded from Sealift or commercial vessels in areas without the benefit of fixed port facilities or the pontoons can be used to hold supplies or manpower for forward distribution or storage no matter what the sea condition. After use the Aqua-dock system can be quickly taken apart and loaded onto transport to the next location.