Edward Childs – Private Mooring – Tortola, BVI (2022)

I wanted to express my gratitude to Aqua-Dock, and in particular Jamie Hooper, for all the assistance provided to me in the acquisition of an Aqua-Dock. Several years ago, I purchased a 7.8m RIB which was kept either on a trailer or in the water. This meant that using the boat either entailed lengthy launch and recovery or regular, in-water cleaning of the hull. This last summer, I bit the bullet and purchased an 8.2m RIB but decided to look into alternative ways of keeping the boat and started to research drive-on docks. I looked at a few makes but following the recommendation from the boat manufacturer, contacted Jamie at Aqua-Dock. Apart from the very competent and friendly service from Jaimie, what sold me on the dock was the rollers extending the length of the dock which was a system other docks I looked at did not have. Jamie helped design the dock, advising on the best dimensions which, once installed, has allowed me full access to the boat when out of the water.

Living overseas, I was concerned about assembling the dock, but with Jamie providing excellent written instructions with words, photos and diagrams, this proved not to be a concern. It took around a day to assemble the main part of the dock and another half day to install the various accessories which included a winch, fenders, cleats and dock lines. Jamie was always extremely quick on responding to emails and still continues with his after-sale service even to today (although that might be because I live in the British Virgin Islands and there might be the need for a service call-out at some stage😊)

Installing the Aqua-Dock has transformed the use of this Rib compared to my original one. Launching and recovery is extremely straight forward and when not in use, the Rib remains out of the water with a cover on it for protection. I cannot recommend purchasing an Aqua-Dock highly enough as it will certainly make a significant difference to your boating enjoyment.

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Andy Keating – Private Mooring – Weymouth Harbour (2022)

Jamie installed our Aqua-dock a year ago and at that time we knew that we would be changing the boat sometime this year. His advice was to give him a call when we had the new boat if anything needed changing.  So having just collected the new boat, we found that it was slightly longer and heavier and didn’t sit on / launch off the dock as well as the previous one.  A call to Jamie and he proposed a couple of changes that were installed this week. New boat now sitting happily on the Aqua-dock and able to launch with ease.

It is a pleasure to deal with someone who is responsive and knows their stuff!

One final comment – when we handed over the original boat, after a year in the marina, the comment was that it looked as good as new. Having the Aqua-dock to keep the hull clear of the water was a significant contribution to this. And saved me from having to pull the boat out periodically to scrub the hull.

Happy to recommend both Aqua-dock and Jamie!

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Billy Newman – Private Mooring – Christchurch Harbour (2022)

Jamie at Aqua Dock is a pleasure to deal with. We designed a dock that works well with my stepped hull, something that I had been told was not possible elsewhere. Jamie also designed and produced some custom brackets for H beams that allows the dock to rise and fall in our tidal location effectively. We had an issue with a winch, that was immediately replaced FOC, under warranty. All in all, we’re extremely pleased with Jamie’s Aqua Dock installation.

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Grant Hardy – Private Mooring – Norfolk Broads

“Fed up with anti-fouling my speed boat, I looked for a cost-effective way of keeping my hull clean. Aqua-dock worked really well and when my moorings changed, I just unbolted the dock and reconfigured it to fit my new moorings. Easy to use and very effective at keeping my hull out of the water, plus allowing easy and safe access around and to my boat. I would recommend Aqua-dock to any small boat owner.”


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Andy Mills – Cornwall

“I am delighted with my Aqua-dock. It allows me to keep my 5 metre RIB in a fully tidal creek in Cornwall, ready for use when there is only a few feet of water below it. It is so much better than launching the RIB when I want to use it or having to antifoul or keep cleaning off the barnacles. The delivery and installation service from Aqua-dock was excellent.”

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Doug Forbes – Bosun – Rossendale Valley Sailing Club

The pontoon is entirely successful. I used 8mm chain and 5kg Bruce anchors, lighter than your specification, but far less backbreaking to lift and check, and rock-solid even in the worst weather: gales with 80 mph gusts and three months locked in four inches of ice. The anchors were well bedded-in with the powerboat. We’ve found that heavy gear tends to skate, whereas the lighter anchors just dig deeper and deeper. If the pontoon can stand the strains of ninety acres of moving ice during the thaw, the load imposed by the dinghies (even a novice trying to fillet it with a Wayfarer) is minimal.

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Ian Richards- Owner 8 Metre Cobra RIB

I purchased an Aqua-dock system for an 8 metre RIB. The product was available from stock and the Aqua-dock team installed the product quickly and efficiently. I am impressed by the modular design of the dock, and particularly the the inset roller system which allows the boat to be driven on and off the dock easily, without damage to the hull of the RIB. Equally impressive is the support from the Aqua-dock team, particularly the MD David Howard. David is a real hands on Managing Director who is fully engaged in your project from initial design through to ensuring you are happy with the finished product. “Great Product Great Service”

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