Drive On Hull Support Module

Our drive-on module allows you to store your boat, RIB or PWC out of the water and dry! Free from weed growth, barnacles and worms. Eliminates the need to ‘anti-foul’ and also helps to reduce the likelihood of osmosis. Based on a double module, the drive on module is immensely strong and incorporates two rollers to make loading and unloading even easier with minimal loading on engines. The rollers are of a ‘V’ shape and are mounted on stainless steel shafts (316 marine grade). Operation is very simple: line up your bow with the centre of the module, ensure your rudder/motor is pointing you directly forward then gently increase revs and power until your boat runs up the rollers to sit safely cradled. Removing your boat is a reverse of this procedure. The rollers make this operation so smooth and easy that small and medium sized boats can often be loaded and unloaded manually, without engine power at all.

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966mm x 483mm x 390mm (38” x 19” x 15.5”) Weight: 12.5 kgs (27.5 lbs)


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