Andy Keating – Private Mooring – Weymouth Harbour (2022)

Jamie installed our Aqua-dock a year ago and at that time we knew that we would be changing the boat sometime this year. His advice was to give him a call when we had the new boat if anything needed changing.  So having just collected the new boat, we found that it was slightly longer and heavier and didn’t sit on / launch off the dock as well as the previous one.  A call to Jamie and he proposed a couple of changes that were installed this week. New boat now sitting happily on the Aqua-dock and able to launch with ease.

It is a pleasure to deal with someone who is responsive and knows their stuff!

One final comment – when we handed over the original boat, after a year in the marina, the comment was that it looked as good as new. Having the Aqua-dock to keep the hull clear of the water was a significant contribution to this. And saved me from having to pull the boat out periodically to scrub the hull.

Happy to recommend both Aqua-dock and Jamie!