Aqua-dock supply pontoon system to help with decommissioning of a Nuclear Power Station

Aqua-dock has supplied 540 sq. metres of pontoon to help with the decommissioning of one of the UK’s Magnox reactor nuclear power stations. The pontoon has been installed in the cooling ponds where used fuel elements were stored following their removal from the reactor.

The floating pontoon allows engineers to access the walls of the pond. As the water is slowly drained off for cleaning and filtering, the pontoon will lower with the reducing water level thereby giving access to the entire pond lining without the risk of contamination from the water.

The pontoon was constructed by assembling a series of slabs which were lifted by crane into the pond where they were joined together. the perimeter of the pontoon required the fitting of hand and kick rails which were secured to the pontoon using an Aqua-dock designed attachment bracket.

Once assembled, the pontoon was covered in a waterproof membrane to prevent the ingress of contaminants.